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Regular readers will know that I follow a vegetarian and dairy free diet. I recently visited Vienna with one of my oldest friends who has recently turned vegan. Travelling as a vegan used to be really difficult but with each year more and more vegan options are opening across the world. So the big question is, how vegan friendly is Vienna? I am happy to announce that we managed to do a whole weekend with every meal out, coffee and cake being 100% vegan! 

We had a fantastic time in Vienna. There were so many things to see and do in Vienna and the city itself is fairly small and very walkable. To keep to our weekend vegan though we did at times have to travel out of our way to go to some of the best vegan restaurants. However, with a little bit of planning we managed to go to all of the major sights, eat a huge amount of vegan food and have a wonderful three days in the heart of Austria. Keep reading to find out about our experience of a 100% vegan weekend in Vienna.


Veggiezz wrap

Veggiezz was one of my favorite restaurants in Vienna. The atmosphere was great, the staff were so welcoming and the food was amazing! The menu had a really large selection, even offering its customers a vegan steak. We enjoyed two Apfelschorle (sparkling apple juice), a wrap and a club sandwich. I really enjoyed the club sandwich which was filled with great ingredients: grilled smoked tofu, mango chutney, wasabi mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, vegan bacon, salad, tomato and cucumber. The food came out quickly and the chain can be found in some really convenient locations across Vienna. If we had been in Vienna for longer than a weekend we would definitely have gone back. Don’t be shy and ask for the English menu if you need it!

swing kitchen

Swing Kitchen serves up exclusively vegan dishes in a hipster environment. The menu is fairly simple, consisting of six burgers, two wraps, a selection of sides and about eight deliciously tempting desserts. We went for two burgers. The Soy Patty was delicious with lots of BBQ sauce. My Vienna Burger was huge and, although I liked the meaty schnitzel, I wasn’t too sure about the creamy burger sauce. I would definitely recommend getting a pudding, the Mandel Nougat Traum was light and delicious.

Swing Kitchen has restaurants in the 4th, 7th and 8th districts of Vienna all of which are fast food burger joints. As it is fast food, the service is quick and the dining experience is pretty informal. The chain also minimises its use of plastic which is a huge plus, using compostable cutlery and paper wrappers for the burgers themselves.


Emily and I have a tradition of trying to find a really good Chinese restaurant wherever we travel. Imagine our excitement when we found out that Vienna has an all you can eat vegan Chinese buffet. I know it sounds strange to hunt for a Chinese in the heart of Austria – but Vegetasia is well worth the visit!

The food was excellent – hot and flavourful and the buffet was restocked regularly. For €15 you can have all you can eat with a variety of options including curries, noodles, sushi and more. There is also lots of fresh fruit for pudding – not that you will be able to fit any in! My favorites were the noodle dishes, the cucumber and avocado maki and the bao buns that you can fill yourself. The drinks were slightly overpriced but you can really make the most of your money with the food. The staff weren’t super welcoming initially but the restaurant is worth a visit if you are in the area.


On our first day in Vienna we decided to pop down the road to a local cafe for breakfast. We both went for an acai bowl and a coffee. The staff were nice and the cafe had interesting art and a much larger selection of vegan food for lunch and dinner. Quinoa bowls, thai currys and seitan schnitzel are all on the menu. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and noticed it always seems to have people pottering in and out for a coffee.


A great place for veggies and vegans to get a sweet treat when exploring the city. We visited Veganista on our way home after our meal at Vegetasia. I chose a cookie dough ice cream and my friend picked tiramisu. Both were very indulgent. Having eaten so much that evening we skipped on the cone and had the delicious ice cream in a tub. It was probably one of the better vegan ice creams I have tried. If you see one when you are pottering around Vienna, go in and give one a try. Sampling is welcome!


This glorious little gem hidden away in the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace is a great find. The decor was quaint and the atmosphere was lively. The waiters were polite and thoughtful, one even brought us out blankets because we were sat outside in the early morning. This lovely little cafe/deli is decorated in pastel shades and plays covers of hit pop songs. The menu had a large selection of cakes, most of which contained egg and dairy so I would recommend going for breakfast or lunch where you could have tofu scramble, vegetable soup, Austrian potato pasta or curry with lentils. 

On first glance the tofu scramble portion size looks just right however, I would be surprised if many people could finish this dish. As you would expect the meal was slightly on the expensive side but due to the service and the proximity to Schönbrunn Palace, we were more than happy to pay. The dishes listed above start at €7.50 with the most expensive dish coming in at €15.

Please note that if you want an inside seat or you are going with a few people it is definitely worth booking in advance.



This bustling cafe at the southern viewpoint at Schönbrunn Palace is a must. Once you have walked up the hill you will be in need of a well earned rest at the Cafe Gloriette. With extravagant decor modelled after elaborate Italian cafes, the ambiance feels decadent as you are served by waiters juggling multiple trays moving quickly through the tourists. This is a hotspot for visitors to Vienna, and the price reflect that. The menu hasn’t got a huge amount for vegans however their coffees are delicious and they offer plant based milk alternatives. We went for their only vegan patisserie, a vegan apple strudel. It was soft, flaky and indulgent. The best selling point of Cafe Gloriette is its location, try to get a booth at the front of the cafe so you can sit and enjoy the views across Vienna.

Deli Bluem

Deli Bluem is a small cafe and deli with lovely decor. It is bright and open with the feel of an independently owned coffee house. We went for breakfast but the food we saw being served at lunch also looked fresh and exciting. We ordered berry smoothies and waffles. I was slightly underwhelmed with the waffles, having waited for 30 minutes for the food to come out. The vegan waffle was served with a sugar syrup and thinly sliced raw apples. Having waited so long I had expected the apples to have been cooked down in the syrup so they would be soft and a bit more decadent.

On the plus side they had lots of milk alternatives and the lunch offering looked vibrant. The front of house staff were helpful and buzzed around the front counter preparing lunch, however the kitchen seemed to struggle with our order despite the cafe only having a handful of people. For me the food was a little bit of a let down but it is maybe worth trying their vegan brunch menu or visiting later in the day for dinner.

I have a feeling we might have caught them on a bad day. Prices were very reasonable, the waffles cost around €7 and drinks between €3-€6. 


Have you been to Vienna? Have you found any vegan gems? Let us know in the comments below.

Vicky is a senior digital designer for a well-known fashion brand. Her love of travel stems from long summers on the beaches of Cornwall and Wales and family holidays in Tuscany. She loves art galleries and finding fantastic vegetarian and vegan food. Her favourite destination is Greece where she spent two summers working as a photographer.

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