Camera, Jewellery case and scratch map!

Buying presents for people that you love can be really hard. If they love to travel, it can be even more difficult to know what to buy without knowing what trips they have coming up. Here’s where Clock Out Check In can help! We have curated a gift list of the best travel presents at various price points to help you get it right. 

Under £100

HP Sprocket printer £70

HP Sprocket printer

This printer is perfect for keeping your travel album up to date with photos from your latest trip. It is the most expensive gift in my list, but it will be worth every penny when you can see all of your memories printed out rather than saved to your hard drive.

Instax Mini 9 £55

Instax Mini 9

Another great way to get your photos instantly is to buy a cute and colourful polaroid camera. It’s not the most compact camera on the market but it is easy to use and a great accessory. This camera would make a lovely gift for anyone with an interest in photography, from the enthusiastic amateur to the seasoned pro. It’s so easy to use you will be able to enjoy instant results with the Instax Mini 9

Under £50

Camera Bag £26

Camera Bag

This camera bag is the perfect accessory for the budding photographer, with room for all of their personal items too! The unisex camera bag keeps your camera and lens safe with its internal padding and will also minimise the chances of your camera being targeted by thieves. Far too often trusting tourists leave their cameras exposed and you really can’t be too careful with your expensive camera.

Phone Charger / Compact Mirror £26

Camera Charger / Compact Mirror

I always carry a compact mirror with me especially when we are travelling, so when I saw this charger I thought it was the perfect piece for my handbag. I love to travel light so having a power pack hidden within my compact mirror means I can save space without compromising on quality. Result!

Mini Round Travel Jewellery Case £28

Mini Round Travel Jewellery Case

We love this jewellery case, so much so that I bought one for a friend of mine who is always on the go. You can personalise the jewellery case and for me this made it an extra special gift. I chose the bright yellow design but there are so many lovely colours and also two fonts to choose from.

Under £20

Side Bag £16

Side Bag

This side bag is the perfect gift, it’s simple, stylish and really practical. At only £15.95, there will still be room in your budget for a couple of extra travel gifts such as a guidebook for your next trip to pop inside too?

Scratch Map £16

Scratch Map £15

Alex and I love these world scratch maps, it’s a great shared experience when you get to reveal a country that you have both been to together. This map is a lovely keepsake that shows off all of your amazing trips. Frame it and hang it on the wall and you will be the envy of all your friends and family when they come to visit. 

Travel book £14

Travel book - Ultimate Travel list

This is one of my favourite travel books. It’s a great coffee table book full of brilliant travel ideas and stunning photography. It is always nice to find some travel inspiration in unusual places, why not give the gift of inspiration?

Waterproof camera bag £7

Waterproof camera bag

Want to have hours of fun experimenting? Buying a waterproof camera bag can help you do just that. Whether it’s playing in the pool or underwater photos in the ocean this gift just keeps on giving, holiday after holiday. I promise you will be rolling around with laughter looking at the results.

Disclaimer: None of the above are ads or affiliated links – just great products that we think people like us would love to receive.

Vicky is a senior digital designer for a well-known fashion brand. Her love of travel stems from long summers on the beaches of Cornwall and Wales and family holidays in Tuscany. She loves art galleries and finding fantastic vegetarian and vegan food. Her favourite destination is Greece where she spent two summers working as a photographer.

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