Is there a better way to spend an afternoon when the weather is miserable and a holiday abroad feels a long way off than to learn something new. Since the start of lockdown many of us have replaced our weekend theatre/cinema/restaurant plans with learning to bake banana bread or filming silly dances for TikTok. Last weekend I rearranged one of those weekend plans to learn to make a vase at a pottery class at Stupots.

The Setting

Stupots is a small pottery studio based in Rangeworthy, a small town on the outskirts of Bristol. Stu started doing pottery over ten years ago when his son bought him a beginners pottery class for his birthday and he got sucked in! Stu later decided to build his own studio at his lovely home where he now runs a number of pottery classes. The small pottery studio has everything you could need with a smart entrance which showcases all the previous classes’ colourful pots and a large main room for the potter’s wheels and some of Stu’s beautiful pottery.

The Class

unmolded clay

We had booked onto the beginners pottery workshop for two hours. There were six people in our class and each of us had come in pairs.  I was happy to see that the class was a small size and I felt safe with all the usual social distancing measures in place. There was a quick demonstration at the start then we were allowed to get our hands on the clay. 

The format of the class was really relaxed and Stu walked around helping each of us in turn. It was really helpful to have his help to centre the clay and form the perfect shapes we were trying to achieve. This class focuses on creating bowls and cylinders which was more than enough to keep us entertained over the course of the workshop. I have to admit he makes it look incredibly easy but it was anything but! 

As a beginner I would definitely recommend this workshop, during our 2 hours we created about three pieces each (although one or two definitely turned back into a lump of clay by the end of it) and we were able to pick one piece to take home. It was an additional £10 if you wanted extra pieces put through the furnace.

Remember there are no mistakes in pottery, just wonderful surprises to take home and cherish.”

– Stuart Fluck

The Outcome


How did I feel at the end of Stupots beginners workshop? I had an aching shoulder, very messy clothes and a huge feeling of accomplishment. Both of us came away from the class having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the workshop definitely exceeded our expectations. It was fun, hands on and we had a good laugh with the group. Needless to say I can’t wait to hear when I can go back to collect our work. 

If you’re in the local area or visiting for a staycation, why not give this beginners pottery workshop a go. I’m sure that you won’t regret it and who knows where that beginners pottery class might take you!


Vicky is a senior digital designer for a well-known fashion brand. Her love of travel stems from long summers on the beaches of Cornwall and Wales and family holidays in Tuscany. She loves art galleries and finding fantastic vegetarian and vegan food. Her favourite destination is Greece where she spent two summers working as a photographer.

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