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I must admit that I will always have a soft spot for Germany. I lived in Germany for a whole year during University and it was easily one of the best experiences of my life. During the course of that year I immersed myself in the German way of life (albeit from a student experience) and travelling back to Germany now with Vicky brings back so many fond memories.

But Germany has so much to offer you too. Often overlooked when thinking about European holidays, Germany has a number of outstanding destinations that you need to visit. Whether it’s the hub of Berlin, the beer halls of Munich or the outstanding natural beauty of the Harz Mountains – you will quickly discover why I fell in love with this amazing country.

Things to See and Do in Germany

Take a trip up the Fernsehturm in Berlin
Discover the beauty of the Harz Mountains
Try a beer (or two!) at Oktoberfest
Take in a Bundesliga football match
Eat Currywurst on the street with locals
Learn about the history of East Berlin at the DDR Museum
Vel velit auctor aliquet
Visit the Christmas Markets

University in Berlin

Berlin Cityscape

The View from the Fernsehturm

What to Expect in Germany

Currency – Euro.

Best time to visit – Germany is genuinely a year-round destination. In particular though we would recommend visiting during Oktoberfest (from the middle of September to the start of October), Karneval (in Cologne during the week before Lent) and the Christmas Markets (from the end of November until Christmas).

Accommodation – Where to stay in Germany? Well we have now moved past the hostels and train station floors from my student days and while hotels in Germany can be expensive, there are always deals to be found by the savvy traveller. When we are visiting, we tend to go for a good budget option like a Park Plaza Hotel or Holiday Inn as they offer a good value and a great location. On our last trip to Berlin we stayed at the excellent Hotel Zoo, Berlin and we would highly recommend.

Food – I may be biased but I love German food! The street food scene is incredible from bratwurst and currywurst to doner kebabs and falafel – there is always something fantastic to eat on every street corner. Try some of the many local traditional dishes such as a night of Grunkohlessen in my home state of Niedersachsen. If you’re travelling to Berlin you will find a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options too!

Transport – public transport in Germany is cheap and easy to use. If you are travelling further afield it is always worth asking what deals are on offer in the state you are travelling in. For example you can often get a group ticket that covers travel for a day or weekend for the whole state that you are staying in.


How much will it cost me – a trip to Germany can be as cheap or as expensive as you wish. Food and drink tend to be reasonable but you will pay more for a nice hotel room. Expect to pay between €30-50 for a nice two-course meal for two and €2-4 for a large pint of local beer.

Clock Out Check In’s Top Tips

Oktoberfest the number one reason for Brits to travel to Germany. And why not? The beer and food are fantastic and everyone is ready for a good time. Most tourists will head to Munich as it's the biggest Oktoberfest in the world but to avoid the crowds, why not check out one of the smaller (but equally as enjoyable) celebrations in another Germany city. I went to the Hannover Oktoberfest in 2016 and it was incredible!
Book ahead for the Fernsehturm The view from the top of the television tower in Berlin (the Fernsehturm) is incredible and well worth adding to any Berlin itinerary. Make sure you book ahead to avoid having to queue and try and time your visit with sunset for the most spectacular views. The cocktails at the bar aren't too expensive either considering!
Enjoy the street food Street food in Germany is fantastic - especially if you are a meat lover. If you are in Germany - don't head to McDonalds - find a small stand offering Currywurst and Bratwurst instead. In the town I lived in a fresh Bratwurst from a stand in the local butchers was €1.30 - bargain! The doner kebabs are also incredible - they are so much more than the drunken post-night out takeaway version in the UK.
Go rural Germany has some stunning countryside. From the Harz mountains to the beautiful German Alps there is so much nature to be enjoyed. For one of the most beautiful day trips in Germany visit the Königssee to the south of Munich - you will not be disappointed.

Berlin: The greatest cultural extravaganza one could imagine.

David Bowie

Ready to start planning?

If my nostalgic tales of beer and bratwurst have whetted your appetite for a trip to Germany, then check out the rest of our blog posts on Germany to kickstart your planning.

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Alex is a solicitor at an international law firm based in London. He has always loved travelling and loves to eat like a local. His favourite destination is Peru where he spent a month travelling in 2009 with World Challenge.

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