Well first of all – happy new year to all of our wonderful friends, family and followers! We hope you managed to mark the new year in some way last week despite the unusual circumstances.

We feel very fortunate to have avoided the worst of 2020. Neither of us have had COVID (yet!) and our jobs were largely unaffected. However, in spite of that we still found it an incredibly challenging year. We realise though that many others have had it so much tougher than us or lost someone to this dreadful virus and our thoughts have been with them throughout the year.

2020 will forever be known as the year of Coronavirus but while we had to cancel a number of our plans for 2020 – some of them still managed to go ahead. Looking back over the past year we are so grateful for the trips that we did manage to take – our wonderful weekend in Porto at the start of March and an amazing family holiday in Scotland.

Check in to…House Ribeira Hotel, Porto
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The past year has made us realise how much we value time with our families and we have some exciting news on that front that we will be sharing with you all shortly. 

Looking forward to 2021 has been difficult. While we are keen to put 2020 behind us, the virus is still rampant in the UK and no one knows for certain where we will be in 12 months’ time. On a personal level, we are really hopeful that the incredible work of scientists across the world will continue to mean that vaccine developments will allow us to go back to some kind of normality by the summer. We shall see. 

But what does that mean for our travel plans and for Clock Out Check In? Well like most people we will be staying local for most of the year and definitely until we are vaccinated. We are currently unable to travel because we are in Tier 4 but we can’t wait for a little staycation to get away from our little flat in London. 

Later in the year, global pandemic permitting, we would love to go abroad again but we are a little nervous about flying at the moment. That said, rather than making any firm plans at the moment we are going to play things by ear and see where we end up. Hopefully by next winter we’ll be ready to jet off somewhere warm with a pool. We have our fingers crossed. 

In the meantime though, we have some wonderful trips from the past few years that we haven’t written about yet. We’ll keep trying to post some new content so you can start getting excited again about travelling in the new year. If you are anything like us, we know you’ll be desperate for an adventure.

For now stay safe and we will see you all again soon.

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Alex is a solicitor at an international law firm based in London. He has always loved travelling and loves to eat like a local. His favourite destination is Peru where he spent a month travelling in 2009 with World Challenge.

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