Foodie weekend in cardiff

We recently bagged ourselves a cheap weekend away in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, thanks to some research that Vicky was helping with for the University of Bristol. We didn’t have very long to explore but we still had a great time in Cardiff. One thing that really stood out was how good the food was – there were so many excellent restaurants to try. We had a fab foodie weekend in Cardiff and here’s what we ended up eating.

The Stable

The Stables - Cardiff

The Stable is one of our favourite restaurant chains. We try to visit the Bristol restaurant whenever we are back visiting Vicky’s family. During our trip to Wales, we stumbled upon their Cardiff branch by complete accident and what a happy accident it was! We went for lunch but the Stable is also an excellent option for dinner. It serves pizzas and pies with copious amounts of cider and one of the biggest selling points is how many vegan options they offer. I went for an amazing pulled lamb pizza with mint sauce followed by a warm chocolate brownie. The vegan pizzas are excellent too according to Vicky. To wash it all down, they also offer a tasting board of five different ciders which is perfect for cider novices like me.


Cosy Club

Cozy Club - Cardiff

Having done some research before our trip, Vicky found two excellent restaurants for dinner during our trip. The first of these was the Cosy Club found in the heart of the city centre. The Cosy Club was very busy as you would expect on a Saturday evening with lots of large parties so this is definitely one to book ahead. The food was incredible! My starter was one of the best dishes I have had in a long time. I had pulled beef brisket which was served with melted blue cheese and freshly baked bread. Vicky raved about the vegan fish and chips too which was made with tofu wrapped in nori. The Cosy Club was one of our favourite places in Cardiff and we would highly recommend it if you are visiting! It had a great vibe and even better drinks.


Ramon’s Breakfast Bar

Ramon's Breakfast Bar

For breakfast we went old school. For some reason, I really fancied a proper fry up at an old fashioned, greasy spoon. Using Google, we found a lot of recommendations for Ramon’s Breakfast Bar which is a bit out of the city centre in a student friendly part of Cardiff. Now Ramon’s is a proper greasy spoon cafe. There are no frills here just big portions at good prices. I went for a large full English breakfast with a mug of tea and it was huge. I was so glad I hadn’t gone for the mammoth breakfast! Incredibly, the ‘mammoth’ breakfast wasn’t the largest breakfast they had on the menu either! Ramon’s also had quite a few veggie options which you don’t always find at a greasy spoon. The ingredients may not have been the best but it was very, very cheap.


Bar 44

Bar 44

Nestled in the shadow of the Principality Stadium, this authentic tapas restaurant is perfect for date night. It is intimate, the food is excellent and the wine list is extensive. We thoroughly enjoyed our romantic, candlelit dinner at Bar 44 and that was mostly down to the brilliant food. One minor gripe though was that the vegan options were not quite as good here. Restaurants need to learn that you can’t just take out the cheese from a dish and sell it as a great vegan option!! The meat dishes were fantastic though so if you do not have any dietary requirements this is definitely the place to go. My particular favourites were the patatas bravas and the confit duck burger – go hungry and keep ordering more food. 

What’s your favourite restaurant in Cardiff? Where should we go next time? Let us know in the comments below.

Alex is a solicitor at an international law firm based in London. He has always loved travelling and loves to eat like a local. His favourite destination is Peru where he spent a month travelling in 2009 with World Challenge.

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