Christmas has been and gone and that means it’s getting to peak ski season in Europe. We’re not massive skiers here at Clock Out Check In but I have been a couple of times with school and later with friends. I have mostly been to the Alps both in France and Italy but a couple of years ago, me and my friends decided to branch out and try an altogether different kind of ski resort. Here’s how we ended up skiing in Bulgaria.

Skiing in Bulgaria

Snow topped trees

Bulgaria has three well established ski resorts which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK – Bankso, Pamporovo and Borovets. Bankso is perhaps the most popular with UK travellers but we ended up in Borovets for a week in late March towards the end of the ski season. As we were living in Germany at the time we flew with EasyJet from Berlin to Sofia and got a cheap private transfer to the resort. But why Borovets?

1. It was cheap

We were students at the time and price was key. I researched skiing holidays across Europe and this was by far the cheapest holiday once everything had been included. As a rough guide, our week’s holiday including chalet hire, ski lessons and spending money cost about half of what it would cost in France or in Austria. Some Alpine resorts were 3-4 times more expensive. The cost of living in Bulgaria is also significantly cheaper than in the Alps leaving you with more spending money for apres ski.

2. It was somewhere new

We were living in Germany and had done lots of traveling around Europe in France, Germany and Italy. We wanted to visit somewhere new. None of us had ever been to Bulgaria before and it was a great experience to visit a country that is less visited than other European destinations by UK tourists. We found the Bulgarian people really friendly and the ski resort was stunning.

3. It was good for beginners

This was very much a trip for beginners. Most of our group had not skied before at all and I am terrible. We had to have lessons! Lessons in the Alps can be incredibly expensive though so we were thrilled to be able to afford a full week of lessons in Borovets within the price of our trip. Our ski instructor was fantastic, the slopes were quiet and there was a wide range of beginners slopes for us to cut our teeth on. 

Skiing in Bulgaria – the Verdict

Overall we had a fantastic time aided by the incredible weather we had while we were there which offered us perfect skiing conditions. This is not the best resort for seasoned skiers. You will have covered the resort in the first day or two and will be bored by the end of the week. But for those of you new to skiing or who want to visit somewhere new – consider Bulgaria. It is great value for money and the scenery is stunning.


Alex is a solicitor at an international law firm based in London. He has always loved travelling and loves to eat like a local. His favourite destination is Peru where he spent a month travelling in 2009 with World Challenge.

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