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As we come to the end of 2019, we have already reflected on our favourite trips of the year. Now it is time to look ahead to 2020 and what we want to achieve. 2019 was a big year for us – we launched Clock Out Check In, we both started new jobs and more importantly we got engaged. Looking ahead to 2020, we are excited for a new year full of adventure and travel. So what are our 2020 Travel Resolutions?


1. Travel somewhere new


This is an easy one and something that we think everyone should add to their New Year’s resolutions. In 2020 we will travel somewhere that we have not been to before. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a brand new country though. In March we are travelling to Porto and whilst we have already been to Lisbon, we are still excited for a brand new travel experience. Get out of your comfort zone in 2020 and travel somewhere new.


2. Think about our environmental impact

Traveling By Plane

2019 has been the year of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg. Together with Sir David Attenborough they have put climate change at the top of the global agenda and rightly so. Travel has a massive impact on the environment not least because of the impact of flying. In 2020 we are going to be thinking about the environmental impact of our travels and how we can continue to explore our planet without helping destroy it.


3. Seek out adventure

Mayan, Mexico

We are not getting any younger! In a couple of years we will be married and potentially ready to start our family (eeek!). Travelling doesn’t and shouldn’t stop when you have children but there are some trips that are not suitable for young kids. In 2020 we are going to seek out more adventure and make the most of it!


4. Take better photos

Canon Camera Photography

I’m sure that every blogger will have this on their list of resolutions for 2020. We love exploring and taking photos along the way but when you are writing a travel blog there is much more emphasis on taking the perfect snap. Now, we are not going to become those people who get up at 3am and wait for hours for the perfect shot. That’s not what Clock Out Check In is about – we are working people that need to enjoy our holidays too! But in 2020, we will spend more time thinking about our photos to make sure Clock Out Check In inspires all of our wonderful readers.


5. Save for Thailand in 2021


We were meant to travel to Thailand this year, then it got pushed back to 2020 and now it has been pushed back to 2021. Why? Because I am terrible at saving my money! In 2020 though we are determined to save up enough for a wonderful exciting trip to Thailand in 2021. It does mean however that we won’t be going on a long-haul trip in 2020 though as we need to save our pennies and our holiday days! It will be worth it though.

What are your travel resolutions for 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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Alex is a solicitor at an international law firm based in London. He has always loved travelling and loves to eat like a local. His favourite destination is Peru where he spent a month travelling in 2009 with World Challenge.


  • September 23, 2020

    Love this. I re-read my 2019 wish list yesterday, which i wrote in 2019 for places i wanted to go in 2020 and it makes me sad how much of a fail it was. I’m so thankful to have still been able to tick a few places off and use this time to work on myself and my blog. Excited for the 2021 Thailand content though. 🙂


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