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I love hearing about how people spend their money. I know that sounds a bit strange but it gives you the best insight into what people really love. None of us have a bottomless pit of money (if you do, please do send some our way) so the choices that we make on how we spend it are enlightening. We can’t afford to waste any money so after we have paid our bills, our rent and bought the essentials anything that is left should in theory go on what you love the most.

For some people this might be a football season ticket or the theatre or eating out at the fanciest restaurants. For us at Clock Out Check In, it is travel. We are always saving for our next trip away and almost always planning another holiday. At the time of writing we have five holidays and weekends away booked and another three or four planned. We love it. But why do we love to travel?



We love exploring and discovering new cultures. My favourite part of any trip is discovering small hidden streets and stopping off in as many of the small cafes and bars that I can manage. Travel and exploring go hand in hand. You find wondrous new views, exciting new cultures, tasty new food and much, much more. Now some people will tell you that the only way to explore is to travel for an extended period of time but I don’t believe that you have to go ‘backpacking’ to discover new experiences. Exploring is such a wide term and covers excursions from your hotel, speaking with local people during your holiday and drinking and eating like a local. Anyone can find time to explore, so why not start now?



We all lead very busy lives, particularly since the advent of social media. You can feel that you are switched on 24/7 and need to be available at all times for your clients, your boss, your friends. We all need a break sometimes and holidays are the best opportunity to do just that. Get away from the nine to five, read a good book, get some sunshine and take in a breathtaking view while everyone else is in the office. Perfect.



I am a firm believer that you always learn something new when you travel. Whether it is a couple of words of the local language or about the local customs and history. We have a great capacity for learning and we here at Clock Out Check In love embracing local culture. Our trip to Chichen Itza was a case in point. We could have easily spent the whole week by the pool but loved exploring Mexico’s most famous landmark and finding out more about the Mayans.

Chichen Itza Wonder of the world
TUI Collection Chichen Itza


Have we mentioned that we are massive foodies? For us, travel is food and in some places food is culture. We are going to Paris next week and have just booked a three hour patisserie course where we will be taught how to make the perfect croissant and pain au chocolat. We love trying local food and checking out hidden gem restaurants.

OXO food


One of our favourite reasons for travelling is that we get to spend some quality time together doing something that we both love. Because of our busy lives (see #2) we can often feel like that we never get to see each other. Travelling together gives us time to catch up and talk about more than just what has happened in the office that day.

Why do you love to travel? Let us know in the comments below.

Alex is a solicitor at an international law firm based in London. He has always loved travelling and loves to eat like a local. His favourite destination is Peru where he spent a month travelling in 2009 with World Challenge.

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